Checking correctness when there is already a feedback loop

I have feedback on this activity (posted below), but I do not see any X’s on the dashboard that lets me know that the student got one wrong. Any recommendations? I’ve tried adding all the various correctness codes that I’ve found on the forums here, but they are not working. The students DO see that they were wrong, but they keep going, lol. My dashboard doesn’t show any X’s, so that I know who is struggling.

I edited screen 3. Let me know if that is what you’re looking for. You need to use the correct sink in order for the dashboard to indicate anything. Each component that you want to check correctness in needs to have the correct sink activated. Any components that students can interact with that you don’t want factored in to correctness, you need to add readOnly:true. And finally keep in mind that any screen that asks students for a text response can never show a checkmark (only a dot), but it can show an X if a component fails the correctness check. [Copy of] Exploring Equivalent Fractions [Updated Version] • Activity Builder by Desmos

Wow! Thanks, that works perfectly. That code looks a lot different from the other correctness codes I saw. I wish there was a place on my Desmos account to store great slides like this for future reference. I have so many that I never can remember which activity has what I need. Lol. Thanks again. I’m going to start saving great slides to a new activity that I can use as a personal reference.

Sure, no problem. Actually, direct matching of latex is generally not the best way to go since it’s so easy to break. The other two main methods are creating a function out of the input and plugging in test values, and using pattern matching. You’ll probably want to learn both of these techniques if you plan on digging deeper into CL. Fee free to post if you have questions or want to see how someone else might check for correctness (and perhaps give student feedback) on a particular slide.