Checking multiple answers on the same screens

How do I code so that i can put two questions on the same screen? I have it checking for just one but cant figure out what needs to happen so I can ask a second question.


Not sure what your activity is, but here is an example with 2 multiple choice questions. Note if you have any explain answer it will show as a dot. Meaning the teacher is supposed to look at the student’s explanation, but they have done nothing incorrectly.

I am looking for it to give them feedback like Your answer is correct and not MC.

2 question 1 slide • Activity Builder by Desmos This might work for you!

Try this one now.

Here’s my version of 2 answer boxes (math input) with correctness check

For the dashboard checkmark in @SteinSchreiber 's you need to add correct sinks to MC3 and MC4, respectively:

correct: cLeft=1
correct: cRight=1

I reworked your sample to get rid of a few components by using when-otherwise statements in the note for feedback, and changed the answer checking, so you don’t need to require students to order their answers. (Tip: you don’t need to use when-otherwise to output true-false, you can just put the condition)

#correct check
test1= value=ans1 and countNumberUsage(std,2)=3 
test2= value=ans2 and countNumberUsage(std,2)=3 
check= test1 or test2

Making them input their results in order was my being lazy and that’s how their hw is done on Khan Academy.

If I’m reading this right, it’s saying that test1 or test2 are true when value is either ans1 or ans2 and the right number of 2’s are present?

It’s more efficient but harder for my brain to parse I guess.

Thanks for catching this. I updated the activity.

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Yes @SandiG . So either answer works. Same in the second input, but it can’t be the same as the first input.

It’s the same as writing it this way, but since conditions output true or false anyway, you don’t need the when-otherwise:

test1= when value=ans1 and countNumberUsage(std,2)=3 true otherwise false 
test2= when value=ans2 and countNumberUsage(std,2)=3  true otherwise false 
check= test1 or test2