Check an answer in busy desmos screen

I am trying to do a few things on the same screen without much luck. I have a math input and a sketch input on the same screen and I want to check them both. I am having trouble doing that. Hers is my activity (still in draft form) Compound Inequalities • Activity Builder by Desmos
On slide 11 I check for input and that works but then on slide 12 I have code to check the answer in interval notation but it’s not checking it. I also have a button that displays a graph and that works, but the math input check is not working. Same is true for slides 13 and 14. Help!!!

  1. Are you looking for the dashboard checkmark? If so, you’ll want readOnly: true in your graph and sketch components.

  2. On slide 11, is it that it’s not waiting for the submit button press? If so, you need your n=... or n=... in parentheses. Or you can use a nested when-otherwise which I think is cleaner:

subtitle: when v.submitted 
               (when n =`x<1orx>6` or n =`x<1 or x>6`  "Your answer is correct!" 
                otherwise "Your answer is not correct. Try again!")
           otherwise " "

I’m happy with slide 11 and slide 13. It’s slide 12 and 14 I’m not happy with. On slide 12, I put code in the CL of the screen that looks like this:

when v.submitted and n =(-\infty,1)U(6,\infty) or n = (-\infty,1)or(6,\infty) “Your answer is correct!”
when v.submitted “Your answer is not correct. Try again!”
otherwise " "

Before I added the check for the sketch of the graph, it worked. But now it doesn’t seem to be checking the math input for interval notation. I don’t know why it’s not working but it doesn’t seem to be checking that input.

Thanks so much for your help.

What are you doing to check the sketch? I don’t see anything for the sketch and the input check seems to work fine.

(Maybe you haven’t published yet because it’s not working. You could preview the slide and copy/paste a copy of just that slide into a new activity.)

For the sketch I have added the “check graph” button and it graphs the inequality so they can check it against their sketch. But on that same slide, slide 12, when I enter the correct answer in the math answer box for the interval notation, I don’t get any sort of feedback telling me if my answer is right or wrong even though I put a check in this slide. Are you getting feedback from the math answer box? I’m not…

Sorry, I can’t get it to work either.

I was confused at first, but I think the issue was that your screen-level CL referenced the math input itself being submitted, and not the Check Graph button that you had made.

I fixed up Screen 12 here to get a message. I got rid of the button and ran everything off the Submit Button built into the Math Input. Not sure how you want to do it, but that’s what I did :slight_smile: