Checking Specific x and y values for Systems of Inequalities

I am trying to make my table3 self checking like my other two tables for students to be able to see when they have correct x and y values for their system of inequalities. I am unable to figure out how to have the table check for only specific x-values and only specific y-values rather than the x and y value together in coordinate point form. If anyone knows what the CL would be for this I would greatly appreciate the help!

Hey Carlee!
So it took me a minute to figure out exactly what you were trying to say, but if I were you, I would only focus on having the student point check when both x and y are input into the table. Have the check for correct only check when both an x value and a y value are submitted instead of one at a time. If you’d like help with that, I can definitely help with that.

Here’s my go at it. There are many ways you could approach this. I’ve avoided latex matching to allow more variance in equivalent inequalities (e.g. x <= 100 - y). I didn’t add anything to account for it, but was the first table so students could use their own variables? There is a quick add-in that could account for that in table2.

I also tried to include a lot of notes to explain what my thinking is.

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