Checking strings

Hi there,
I have problems in checking strings. This is a very little example: [Copy of] Inequalities Graph Solutions • Activity Builder by Desmos

I would like to have it marked correct when the student insert [-3.5,infinity) but something does not work correctly and I can’t see what it is. I have little experience on CL but I want to improve. Can someone help? Many thanks

I think that the problem is connected to brackets, without the brackets it works. I tried writing ( as \left( but as soon as there is a brackets it does not work. I am sure it is something banal connected to brackets: how do i have to write brackets? Any idea from much experienced CL users? Many thanks in advance

If you’re using latex, latex will sort of autocomplete mismatched brackets/parentheses. You need to use quotes instead of backticks to check actual strings, which is easier if it’s a text input rather than math input, but you can’t get dashboard correction that way.