CL: Spaces in Latex?

I’m referencing a bunch of variables from a graph and want to view them as a list of numbers.


Is there a way in the latex to force a space after each comma?

${graph.number("Y[1]")}, ${graph.number("Y[2]")}, ${graph.number("Y[3]")}, ${graph.number("Y[4]")}, ${graph.number("Y[5]")},...

Are you trying to display that list in a note? If so, what you have should work, just put quotation marks at the beginning and end.

content: "${graph.number("Y[1]")}, ${graph.number("Y[2]")}, ${graph.number("Y[3]")}, ${graph.number("Y[4]")}, ${graph.number("Y[5]")},..."

It’s in a note and the code somewhat works as is. The 1st image is what the code produces (there’s other paragraphs before and after, hence I left out the quotation marks).

The problem is that the list is “squished” and hard to read.

So instead of this:

I want it to look like this:

I ended up changing the formula so that I came out of the latex each time to force the space.

It’ll work for this one. But now I’m wondering about future if I want a list with rational numbers (not decimals).

Before I posted the first time, I tried it out and coded it the same way you have shown, so we’re thinking the same. I’m not sure if there’s another way without continuously using the backtick marks.

Good news! You can use backslashes to make spaces.
1,\\ 2,\\ 3,\\ 4

I really thought I tried the double backslash. LOL
Glad to know. it works!

Thank you for helping…and confirming my thoughts along the way! :slight_smile:

Will this work for labeling points on a graph? Can it be done inside the calculator or would it need to be injected via CL?

Try this.

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It looks nicer, but you don’t need the space before the slash. Just FYI.

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Thank you, that’s useful to know!