Coding Spaces and Special Characters

What’s the coding for spaces and Special Characters in CL?

  1. I’m trying a breakout and need 2 words for the first answer with a space in between. Every time I add a space, it won’t recognize it.

  2. For the 2 slide I need for it to recognize something like “8 is greater than or equal to x”, but with the math symbols. Can’t figure out the coding to that.

I’ve attached a sample to show you what I’m talking about.

Since you want text on slide 1, change the input component to accept text instead of math. Then on slide 2, change all the places where you have .latex to .content.

As for getting the latex symbols for your second question, the trick I use is to type what you want into a math input box, then cut and paste it where needed. In your example, it ends up looking like “8\ge x”. This won’t exactly work when you preview, so you need to enter another , so it should look like this “8\ge x”.

The space between the words worked perfectly now, so thank you so much!

I’m still having trouble with the “8\ge x”. It’s giving me errors.

I forgot to add the link to what I tried to change.

Here’s what the line should look like that will allow the last screen to unlock. Just a heads-up that if students add any extra spaces, it will not get marked as correct.

input5.latex = "8\\le x"

You are awesome!!! Works perfectly and thanks for walking me through it!

Hopefully this is the last question. Below is what I have for the following, but it’s not recognizing it. It’s slide 5 (Lock 3).

bounds:when input2.latex = “0\le y\le 25” makeBounds(-11,11,-2,20)

otherwise makeBounds(14,46,19,41)

I want students to input 0<=y<=25, but in math terms. I have the link below. Thanks for any help.

Try this

input2.latex="0\\le y\\le25"

It’s exactly the same as yours, but remove the space right before 25.

Of course it worked! I’ll try and make it through the rest of the activity without you! Can’t thank you enough!

If a particular piece of latex is ever giving you trouble an easy way to grab it is to type your equation, inequality, or expression into a Desmos graph. Then copy and paste it in the URL or component or whatever to see what its latex-equivalent is.

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This tip has changed my LIFE! Thank you so so much!

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