Class Scatterplot

Does anyone have a computation layer built for collecting student data to display a class scatterplot. A “collaborative” scatterplot, I guess you could call it, where students can enter a data point and then all class data points can be viewed on one graph. I could just use the graph feature and overlay the student reponses.

This thread:

Thanks. I was looking for how to code something like this and found the post and your reply. I am wanting to take it a step further and make scatter plots based on combinations of 3 or 4 data values the students would input. I imagine that I just have to change what lists the latex’s pull from.

aggregate can only grab a single value from each student to create a list, but you can aggregate multiple lists and use join( ) in the graph to combine lists into one and create a single scatterplot from that data.

Thanks for the help. I will give it a try.