How to collect each student's input and generate the data into a graph?

Hi all,

Is it possible to collect each student’s input data to generate a graph?

For example, generate a graph on slide 2, using the data from this Desmos activity slide 1. 10/26 Start number & Rate of Change Part 1 • Activity Builder by Desmos

If it works, it may also be possible to plot different lines too?

Does it relate to this command?
numberList(“N”): aggregate(input.numericValue)

Thank you!

  1. You can aggregate separate numeric values. So, to graph values from slide 1, in your slide 2 graph:
numberList(`X`): aggregate(table1Name.cellNumericValue(1,1))
numberList(`Y`): aggregate(table1Name.cellNumericValue(1,2))

In your graph, to graph all the points add in (X,Y).

  1. You can plot different lines as well as long as you’re aggregating numeric data (e.g. the slope and y-intercept) and using those to create your equation (i.e. `y=Mx+B).

You could also create a best fit line from your aggregated data from #1 using Y~mX+b.

Thank you so much, Daniel, I am excited to try it out ~~~