Aggregate from table on graph on next screen

Hi !

Is is possible to aggregate points Ss enter in a 2 columns table (maybe 3-4 points) and see all those points on the next screen in a graph ?



aggregate collects one value per student into a single list. That said, you can have as many aggregate lists as you want, which will each be ordered the same way (i.e. a student’s value in one list has the same index as another list). So, yes, you can do that, but for 3-4 points per student, you’ll need to have 6-8 aggregate lists. Conveniently though with columns you have some simple copy-pasting. Just construct your lists into points within the graph.

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You could also use parseOrderedPair(t.cellContent(1,1)).x and .y for each cell if you wanted students to enter points in coordinate notation.

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Thanks Daniel ! Really helps !