Collecting class averages for a test at the end on my grading table

Here is my topic 1 test. The last slide collects their right or wrong answer, shows which slide it was right or wrong on, and then gives a percent grade. All I have to do is type my “baldreeresults” in the bar and the table with that info pops up. Here is the link:

Now here is my question, on this other activity

it will collect the info from everyone who takes it and show class averages and class data. I like this but I dont want all the info it shows or all the stats it has. I really would like to just try and see the average score per question. My idea is the table I already have in mine, I could add a forth column and in that column would be a percent for each question that would show the percent across all people who took it using the same code that got it right. Is there a good way to go about doing this?

Made progress but slides 13-21 have an error. I can collect a class average on all slides but I can’t figure out where the error is on those slides mentioned above. For some reason the second an answer is inputted, it puts out a bunch of random averages for those slides. Anyone able to see what the error is?

I didn’t see any errors on slides 13-21
Were you able to fix your issue and get things working then?

This is what happens. When you go in as a student, the second an answer is placed, then those slides will display random numbers but always those same numbers

Couple things…

  1. For the “Class Average” column
    I think I got it to work by replace lines like
    cellContent(19,4): "${sum.number("x_19")}"
    cellContent(19,4): "${sum.number(x_{19})}"
  2. If you answer any one question correctly you will see 0.0416666 at the top of the percentage column. This is just telling you that the student answered 1/24 questions correctly. I’m not sure if this is the information you wanted to appear in this column or not.

Let me know if there are still outstanding issues because I’m not confident I understood what all the bugs were in the first place.

PS: Cool activity. I see you put a ton of work into the randomization of each problem :+1:

I think that was it! I am going to play around an make sure but I think that was what was wrong!

There is the final version. You were correct. It was as simple as missing those curly brackets. That fixed everything. Thanks for the help