Creating an aggregate for class average for a test

This is my diagnostic I am giving at the beginning of the year. I have it set up to grade each question on the last slide, and then it also shows the class average for each question. I dont know why, but I am just blanking on how to also create a way to show the class average for the overall test too. I would like to display that number on the last slide under the individual student grade. Any thoughts on how to best tackle that?

Hi Micah,

It looks like you already have one solution in place that averages a list of per problem class averages. I made your calculation visible in this copy by adjusting the hidden sinks of the two notes at the top of the right column on your last screen. I didn’t test it out beyond the Student Preview, but I believe your approach will work great. If you are curious about other ways to achieve the same result, you could also aggregate your collection variable that stores a student’s total score. I hope that helps!

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Thank you! I was thinking about the list, but I just got lost in my own code and needed fresh eyes. I appreciate it!