Colouring area under a polygonal curve?

Hi, I would like to color three separate curvatures under my polygonal curve but don’t know how to.

I want a color the area under (0.1,1.8) to (0.9, 1.617)

                                 Then from (1.2,2) to (4.2,1.89)
                                     and the reminder another color

Any help?

You’ll need more precise points along your graph for better polygons, but you could do something like this:

I’d give all your “Data Collection” points names. (e.g. P_0=(0.3,b_0))
I started it for you. I named P_0 through P_29. I made a list function, L, in the Polygon Functions folder. Then, just pass to points as variables to create the list of points surrounded by polygon( ) to create the shading. You can then select your colors. There’s two examples in there. You can change or add points as you see fit.

I edited and made a second function M that you can just put numbers into that indexes a list of the points (I put P29 first). A little quicker to alter to see what you’re using.