Combine student responses from multiple slides

Hi there,

I’m attempting to consolidate student answers from previous screens all onto the last screen. (students are working in small groups on an individual desmos slide, they will respond to reflection questions on their assigned slide, and then at the end all move to the last slide to read responses from different groups)

I’ve named each of the components that I want to pull student’s responses from but I’m not sure how to write the script for the last slide so it can pull student’s responses from the components.

Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!

Hi Amanda,

Do you have a link for the activity you are working on?

It sounds like you want to display different group responses at the end, is that right? If they are text responses, that will be very challenging to accomplish. Is there a reason you don’t want to “see peer responses” earlier in the activity?

You could write something like initialText: “${INPUT.content}” to carry over their text input from the component “INPUT” (or whatever you had named it) on the final slide and have them “submit to see peers” at the end if you really wanted the delay.

Thank you!

Yes, the reason why I didn’t want to just use “see peer responses” is because each group of students will be plotting CO2 data by year (1 year per slide) and the idea is that they each respond to their own reflection questions based on their own annual data, but the last slide is supposed to be combining all of their responses (across all the years) so they can look at trends and patterns from multiple years. (like a big reveal - “ooooh we ALL said w saw the graph peak in the spring!”

You should probably be able to use aggregate to collect data. It will only take numeric values, so points, for example, would need to be split into separate coordinate lists.

Thank you! I’m looking to collect student’s written reflection responses.

They can’t currently aggregate text. You can only pull text as variables within a single student’s activity.

I see, thank you for confirming! At least I wont be attempting something that isn’t possible yet!

I think your best friend here is going to be Snapshots on the teacher dashboard to display the responses from individual groups to your class. I believe you can display up to 4 at a time.

If you want to pull text forward, you would do what I had written above for all of the inputs, and then students would need to hit “submit” on the final slide. They would then see 3 peer responses, and they would be lengthy (I think) because of your setup.

Thank you!

I think I’m going to try and have students move through all the slides to just look at the responses other groups posted (by observing the “see peer responses”) and then having them answer reflection questions on the last slide. It’s clunkier than I wanted, but it seems to be the easiest work around for my 6th graders.

Thank you again for all your support and input! I’ll monitor this thread in case this feature comes to desmos later on :slight_smile:

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