Classroom Gallery


I have been excited to use desmos activities to create distance learning experiences for students. What I’d like to be able to do is to also create activities that allow students to interact with one another, like in polygraph or two truths and a lie. I would love to be able to create class galleries where students can comment on each others’ thinking.

Is this doable from as teacher creator yet?


I was thinking the same thing. This is not the exact solution you (and I!) would like, but an alternative to having students respond to each other might be to have them respond to sample student work. Here is what I am building:

  1. Pose a question with explanation prompt.
  2. Create sample responses and then assign a response to students for comment / clarification / question.
  3. Present the student’s original explanation (using a source) and ask the students to revise their initial thinking based on what they learned by commenting on others’ work.
    So, not the same, but this work around does have the added benefit of allowing the designer to structure the samples of work for commenting. I am following to learn more–if this is possible that would be awesome!

You also may want to cross platforms. Have students go through some lesson on Desmos. Pick some actual responses you think would be good for students to analyze. Then, pose them in a Google Classroom or something that allows for more a interactive discussion/forum.

I have toyed with the idea of taking students responses and have them in a list using an aggregate. Then the next slide re-order the list. However, I never took the time to try it and I assume that the aggregate function is dynamic, so the responses would continue to change as everyone submits… but you could always freeze screen until everyone submits. Even use this type of re-ordering of lists to form small groups. Day dreams… nothing I have actually worked on.

Or have them all answer some arbitrary question to start to get the class size… then have each screen locked until X% of the class complete.