Comparing answers

I am very new to CL in terms of using it, so far I’ve only edited activities using it, but haven’t created any new ones. I’m basically at the point where I can read the language but can’t write in it yet, so forgive me if I’m asking a stupid question.

In this whole distance-learning experience there is one feature I’ve been wanting to add to my activities but didn’t know how:

After a student had answered a choice / multi-select question and explained his thinking, I would like to confront him with a random answer given by a fellow classmate; in the following manner:

[student name] answered [chosen answer] and explained [explanation]. What do you think of [student name]'s answer?

a. I’m convinced, [student name] is right.

b. I’m not convinced, [student name] is wrong.

c. We are both right.

d. We are both wrong.

Obviously this is supposed to be a simple choice question, I would prefer it on the next screen.

Can anyone give me pointers on how to achieve that?

You can only collect numerical data to aggregate into a new slide. You can’t grab student names or explanation texts. You’d just have to make up your own, or if you’re doing it live you can take snapshots of student work from the dashboard and use that for on-the-fly open-ended questions.