Multiple Choice Question w/ Immediate Feedback

Can someone please explain how to create a slide with a multiple choice question and when students select an answer it immediately tells them whether or not it was correct? Thanks!

  1. Insert a note, choice, and button component.
  2. Set your choices and name the button label.
  3. Most of the CL will go in the note component. Here’s a sample of something you can use. This assumes the first selection is the correct answer.
content: when choice.isSelected(1) and button.timeSincePress>0 "That's correct!"
when not(choice.isSelected(1)) and button.timeSincePress>0 "Please try again."
otherwise "Please make a selection."
  1. Add a resetLabel in the button CL so the student can see the original question.
resetLabel: "Edit my response"

Make sure you name your components too. This code assumes the button component is named “button” and the choice component is named “choice.”


Thank you! That worked great!

Is there a way to get better at understand the CL and different codes we can use. Because I want to do more but I barely understand the basics and the lingo.

Sorry for the late reply, but have you checked out the documentation?

@cwinske Is there a way to do this when you have multiple correct choices? I have an activity where there are picking parallel lines. They need to pick 3 of them. I have tried using “and” along with “not” but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

Is this what you mean?

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So there is no way to get around having to list every single wrong choice?

I don’t think there’s any simpler way.

If you’re looking to do this multiple times and don’t want to write out each combination every time, you could try assigning values to selections and computing the correctness: several correct answers • Activity Builder by Desmos
Also, not sure if you meant multiple choices, selecting less than the possible, or multiple strict answer keys


Ok thanks!


I cannot for the life of me get this to work. Do I have to add something to the graph in order for the correct selection to show?

I was wondering if someone could upload an example of an activity that they made where

  1. You asked a MC question
  2. Had MC answers
  3. When the students selected the MC answer the program told them if they were correct or incorrect.
    I am having a difficult time coding this myself.

Here is an example using 2 different methods. One without a submit button (slide 5) and one with a submit button (slide 6)


Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate such quick feedback.

I have created this activity where students need to identify the degree, leading coefficient and end behavior of a polynomial. I have it coded that the students cannot move on unless the Degree and LC are correct. The end behavior is MC and they can see if they are correct or not right away. However, the students can move on without selecting an end behavior.
Is there a way to code this to not allow the students to move on unless all 3 answers are correct and selected? The degree, LC, and MC end behavior

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Something like this would work:

proceed = t1.script.proceed and choice1.script.correct

  when proceed ""
  otherwise "go back and try again"
coverButtonLabel: "" 

You’ll need to rename your MC though to make it unique

Where would those scripts go? I am very new to this coding and don’t understand it well.

Is there a way to show the correct answer to a multiple choice question after they explain their work?

This code will keep students from resubmitting, and they won’t be able to see other student input.

In a Multiple Choice component (named MC1 here), put this in the CL:

showSubmitButton: this.submitCount<1 
hidden: not(this.submitCount=0)

In a Note component, put this in the CL:

hidden: MC1.submitCount = 0
content: when MC1.submitCount>0 "Correct Answer:  ${MC1.choiceContent(3)}" otherwise ""

where (3) indicates which choice was correct on the screen.

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