Computation Layer and "Less than or equal"

I’m trying to create a self-checking slide for my students. The correct answer is -4<=x<5 and I’m using a Math Input box. I can get it working without the “equal to” part of the equation using this as the computation layer of a note


When I try to change it to less than or equal, it won’t recognize it. I’m pretty sure I don’t know how to code that part. Who can help?


I think you need to not use " " but `` and put -4\le x<5 between them

You need to use 2 numerical comparisons. Something like this:

correct: this.numericValue>=-4 and this.numericValue<5

Thanks! I got it working. Using \le for the inequality did the trick! I did try switching the " " to ’ ’ also, but that gave me an error.

I really appreciate it!