Constants in cellContent()

I was wondering if there was a reason for the parameters of cellContent() being limited to constants. It would be nice to use a variable for template purposes in the same way you can use a variable to identify a component.

Ex: I have a Results column in most of my tables so students can have feedback on their answers, but it’s not always the same column. Would make things easier to set a variable for the column so I don’t have to go through and change it for every cell.

Because of how CL works, parameters to sinks and sources have to not change at runtime. Right now we only know that something’s not going to change if it’s literal, (like we know that 3 won’t change, but if “a=3”, we don’t know that “a” won’t change).

Thanks for the feature request! We’ll definitely make an announcement if that ever changes in the future.

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Thanks. It would also be nice to be able to rotate a table (i.e. have titles on the side instead of the top)

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Noted. Thanks for the suggestion!