Content not appearing

I’m using the CL to write basic content for a note, but it is just not appearing on the activity. There is no error message for the slide, but the content is just not showing up on the preview end or the student end. I’m not trying to do anything very fancy, just give some basic feedback on a multiple choice question!

Here’s the problem slide: 11/9 Independent Activity • Activity Builder by Desmos

I’m encountering the same problem and was just about to post about this.

I think it’s a serious framework wide bug - unable to give feedback at all for Multiple Choice questions.

Also, having gone back and looked at all my previously run activities, the feedback has been stripped away from everything students have ever interacted with. Not good to say the least.

I can replicate this here:

Hopefully I’m just missing something obvious but I don’t think so.

Thanks all. It’s been ticketed and we’ll get a fix up ASAP

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The source submitCount now can only be read once within and across components. this.submitted might pull from this same source so if you use this.submitted and submitCount it will count as the source being read more than once causing the problem you described.

You can work around this using scripts. I don’t know if this change is intentional or not however it might point to the idea that desmos intends us to use CL to provide much more than automated feedback on MC.

I used scripts to fix your screen.

Good to know and thanks!

The problem is that I don’t think this is an intended behaviour on Desmos’ part as the general script I posted above has been used - and recommended - extensively in the past.

And as I mentioned, it has retroactively removed all related feedback in previous activities for our students(near as I can see at a glance). That’s a breaking change that should not have been pushed.

Hey everyone! This issue should be resolved now. Thanks for your patience!

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