choiceContent Source

The content of a multiple choice or checkbox item can now be used elsewhere:


Great to see! Was there a motivating example for adding this source?

I ask because I’ve long wanted to have a content source (not just sink) for notes. That would make it easier to have copyable screens or activities where teachers could customise by typing into a single note without trying to interact with CL at all.

I didn’t realize this was new.

I used it in a slide a day or so ago so that students could select a problem

Solving Linear - Random Generator

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The autogenerator for solving problems is awesome, but am I doing something wrong? The table seems glitchy. Sometimes I can’t write in it, sometimes it won’t let me erase.

Would love to be able to use it.

I’m not seeing the issue you’re having. You probably need to be more specific, or maybe get a video of it.

Thank you, I will do that.

The number of table entries you can adjust is based off of what problem type you choose (this could be changed, I did this at my teachers’ request). It’s also unable to be changed when you submit the answer (this is changeable to). You have to clear the table after each problem because there is no way in CL to auto clear it.

If you want it always enabled just delete the cell disable lines in the CL.