Controlling sliders

New at CL and trying my first Activity. Is there a way to control sliders within CL. I have a basic translation and transformation activity and would like the function to move three spaces toward the right once they submit their new equation. I have the slider settings from 0-3, but when I use
time =
when N1.submitted N1.timeSinceSubmit
otherwise 0

it goes from 0 to 10.

Ideally, I would like for it to move three spaces to the right, then two up and then become wider.
Later making them more dynamic.

From what you’re asking it looks like you want a generic animation on button press? Not the graphing calc expert here but I threw something together that might work for you. You may have to modify it by changing the a, h, k values. Transforming Parabola Animation

Awesome. Learn new things everyday!

I know this quite old now, but I’m pretty sure the reason it was moving to 10 was because your condition was essentially “when Submit button is hit, then set movement to seconds since button was pressed, otherwise 0.” The default maximum for the time (if it’s the same as timeSincePress) is 10 seconds. If you had changed it to “N1.timeSinceSubmit(3)” then the maximum seconds would be what you wanted.