Setting dynamic bounds of sliders

Is it possible to set the bounds of sliders dynamically? For example, if one slider has a minimum of 0, maximum of 20, and a current value of N, can another slider be set to have a maximum of N/2?

Currently, the calculator does not support dynamic slider bounds. Could you describe the sort of graph or activity you’d want to make with this, so we can have a better idea of how to prioritize and build such a feature?

I’m working on this screen here:

And I want to be able to make sure the grey areas don’t overlap. That means the maximum size of the slider that determines the grey area must depend on the current value of the slider that determines the white area.

(Update: I had the wrong link there – sorry).

Maybe as a workaround you could consider letting either point be the max or min defining bound, like here:

That is very helpful! Thank you!