Copy cellContent into a future note

I would like to have students fill out a table, then extract the information from one cell of the table into a note on a future screen. Is there a way to do that?

Here are the two screens I’m trying to work with (the first is from an activity by Faith Moynihan):

I assume you want to say hi to the student’s name to do that you have to put content: "Hello, ${table1.cellContent(2,1)}" Your original code was right you just didn’t put the right coordinates. (tip: if you’re unsure about the coordinate I do cellContent(1,2): "" ) and keep changing the coordinate until the one I want says cellContent)

Thank you!!! I hate when I miss things like that! :slight_smile:

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Yeah the row index starts at 0 for top row and column index starts at 1 for the left. I don’t like it either.

cellContent(1,2) is for the first cell that students can enter info in assuming you have a header row and column.

Actually, the first non-title cell is 1 for row or column, so now if you have labels in the left column that is also 0. Allows you to also define row and column titles in the CL.