Transfer student input from a table

Hi, I’m new to this. I have created an activity and need student input for a table to transfer over to the next screen where they will sketch a graph. Can anyone help with this?

You’ll need the first table to have a name, then you have to set the content for each cell individually. You need to make the table as you want it to appear or you’ll have “invisible” cells, and remember to format the columns as math or text as desired.

In the new table CL:
#for text or expressions
cellContent(1,1): table1.cellContent(1,1)

#for number
cellContent(1,1): table1.cellNumericValue(1,1)

Adding on to that, the parenthesis are structured (row, column), which I pretty much never remember. You can get away with just using .cellContent; if you use .cellNumericValue it will copy over the decimal form of an expression like 1/2.

Small demo, with some additional flavor thrown in: Table Carry Over Demo