Copy sketch to next slide

Can you copy a sketch onto a graph on the next slide? I want to have students sketch a function and then be able to have the correct function as an overlay to see if they are correct in their sketch. Is this possible?

Check out this example from another thread.

So you can make an action button (make sure you name it). Then, in the sketch CL create a variable that will be 0 unless the button is pressed:

number(“a”): when Button3.pressCount>0 1 otherwise 0

In the actual, graph use {a=1} as a condition to display whatever you want students to see as correct.

I have three screens on which I want to do this reveal as you show here. The first screen works fine,. I then use a different button name and a different number for my next screen, but nothing happens. Thoughts?

Nevermind! I didn’t have the graph enabled!