Copy plotted points to next screen


I am new to Computation Layer.

I am trying to have students plot points on a graph. I want the point they have plotted to show up on the next screen. Here is the activity I am trying to edit. When students go from screen4 to 5, I want the points they plotted to show up on the next screen. I am not sure how to go about doing that.


You almost had it done. You just need 3 more lines:

1 – Add this to your graphing calculator on screen 4

If you add the sliders for a and b, you can change the point style of the points, but a and b are being overridden in the CL with the info below, so the sliders aren’t necessary.
(Note that a and b are just user-defined variables, so you can change these names, but they have to match the names for the numberLists in the CL.)

2 – Add these to the CL for Graph1 on screen 4 to capture the point coordinates:


Thank you! It worked!

Hooray! I love seeing it all come together.