Copying sketch to next slide

I am having students draw a sketch over a background image. I know how to get the image on the next slide using layerStack, but when I add more features to that slide it distorts the dimensions of the background. What the students sketch on the slide before is not the same as what shows on the next slide.

I want students to do a prediction on one slide and then compare it to the real image on the next slide - showing what they drew and the real one side by side.

It may help if you shared what you’ve got so far, but maybe set the bounds in the CL for each slide, and make sure you work the second slide within those bounds.

I might have come off as knowing how to use the CL, but this is my first try at editing using the CL. I’ve used other forums to help even get Slide 3 to copy to Slide 4.

Here is lesson so far. Very much a work in progress:

The images are edited screenshots I created. I appreciate your help!

Your easiest fix is going to be to add another component in the first screen. That sketch is a 4:3 aspect ratio, while the next screen is 1:1. So maybe throw instructions or something in a note in a second column.