Using a previous slide's graph in the Sketch Tool

I know that you can copy the graph from a previous slide onto a new slide. But I don’t see that option when using the Sketch Tool and selecting a graph as the background. Is this an option? I don’t want to use the URL method of copying a graph over because I would like the sketch to be based on the graph the student creates on the previous slide.

Thank you!

You can set any graph as a background image. First select background type: editable graph, then in the CL script:

background: graphLayer(graph.calculatorState)

Where “graph” is the previous graph component’s name.

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Thank you!! This worked wonderfully!

What about copying the previous sketch to use on the next slide? (I’d like to ask kids a question about their work)

Nevermind… I figured it out!
In the cl for a sketch item:
background: sketchLayer(slide3.sketch)

The previous cl for a graph helped problem solve it out!

Is there any way to pull a student’s geometry construction from a previous slide and put it as the background of a sketch on the next slide? I looked on the CL Documentation and there are no sources or sinks listed for geometry, so I wasn’t sure it this was possible.

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I agree on this- I was wanting to do this just last week! I love the Geometry component, and this option would open up a lot of possibilities.

No sinks and sources for geometry yet!

I’m struggling with this activity and using a graph as a background for a sketch on the next screen. Screens 10 and 11 are good ones to look at.

I have students placing a moveable point on a graph and would like to have their responses carry over to a sketch. Is that possible?

You can use:

background: graphLayer(yourGraphComponentNameHere.calculatorState)

This method will not carry labels over.

Thanks, that’s what I tried, but it didn’t carry over the moveable point. Thanks for letting me know.

Do you want the moveable point to still be? You can’t manipulate graph components in a sketch (and setting it to the original point means even in a graph it won’t be moveable either without some tweaking). It has to be static. If you just want the point and it’s not working, there are two alternatives.

  1. Name your original moveable point like A=(3,2). In the sketch, define variables in the CL for the coordinates:
number(`x_1`): graph3.number(`A.x`)
number(`y_1`): graph3.number(`A.y`)

and in the graph itself:

  1. Use sliders for the original point (x1,y1), x1=3, y1=2 and define the coordinates based on those:
number(`x_1`): graph3.number(`x_1`)
number(`y_1`): graph3.number(`y_1`)