Help with codes

I can not seem to figure out how to correctly input the codes. Every time I do a practice session myself, I only see x for each problem even when I entered the correct answer. I only get a check mark on slide 1

You shared student view and it is impossible to see the code.

Darn it, sorry about that. How about this link?

Instead typing:
correct: input.numericValue =8
This will solve check problem. I do not know why this CL didn’t return error on input.numericValue=8
it is probably that you have some variable named input in your activity.
Hope this help.

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Yup, this is the solution. I discovered this recently and it has made copying screens SO much easier. had to go in and replace all the input names everywhere. Ugh.

You can also set a variable in a component to a component name, so that you only need to change it once in that CL. For example, copying another table:

cellContent(1,2): t.cellContent(1,2)
cellContent(2,2): t.cellContent(2,2)

Yup. Started doing that for modularity a few days ago, thanks!

Thank you so much! That fixed it