Correct Graph Use in Notes

Hello Desmos CL Support Forum,

I’m a noob at CL. I was able to use the correct sink in my graph component to comeback as true. How can I use that in a note component to change my content statement?

My graph CL is:
correct: k=9

My Note CL is:
content: when mi44.submitCount=0 "You should have noticed that Toby used 0.7 tubes of toothpaste per month and his equation was y=\frac{7}{10}x.

The value of 0.7 as a fraction is \frac{7}{10}.

What equation could you write for Toby’s sister’s toothpaste use?"

when mi44.submitCount>0 and k=9 “Yay, you got the equation correct.”
otherwise “”

The mi44 component is a math input that accepts an equation of a line that I then take in my graph component and define a function with simpleFunction.

The error I am getting is “Unable to find the component or variable k.”

Thanks in advance for any help.


Looks like k is in your graph component, so in your note it should be

Thank you Daniel_Grubbs. That is exactly what it needed. You are the best.