Correct graph with fractions


I’m working hard on some graphing activities over break. I have found some screens that check for a correct line. I can’t figure out how to change the CL for an equation with fractions. Screen 1 is the screen I copied and screen 2 is my attempt at editing the code. Can anyone help me decode the code? I would like to make multiple screens with different equations so any tips on where I have to edit to change the equation would be much appreciated.

I posted this earlier on the other thread… hopefully it will help.

See if this does what you’re going for… I did not put any student feedback in, but it does the checkmark/x correctly.

I completely took out the P=1/P=0 condition in the graph because I could not figure out what it was there for… lol. Then later I thought maybe you want the line to show on the graph when the student’s line is correct? Sorry, I’m not sure. But with the “check” script I put into the graph, it should be easy enough to add student feedback if that’s the plan.

I needed something similar a few weeks ago and spent a good amount of time on this. I’m sure it could be better, but maybe it can save you some time. The code is messy and some parts probably can be condensed, so let me know if you have any questions about specific parts.


This is great! I have some “infinite practice” activities that I’ve been working on, and wanted to find a way to keep a running tally of how many they got correct. I am going to look at this closer and try to adapt your “scoreboard” code! TFS!

It might be hard to find all the working parts, but it’s basically this: Create a conditional function in the calculator that sets a certain value if correct, then capture that value on a button press. Send the capture history back to the calculator as a numberList and then you can use some of the list functions to display correct/total.


Thanks for all of the help and for sharing this activity. I know I won’t be able to edit all of the parts you mentioned as my CL skills are in the very early phases of learning. Do you happen to have a similar slide for point slope?

I don’t have one, but I could probably duplicate the first slide and make it work. When do you need it by?

That is a very generous offer. I plan to use it on Tuesday so I understand if that is too soon of a turn around. Thanks for all of your help so far!

What classes do you teach? I can see if I have any activities that might be helpful for you.

I updated the original activity to include point-slope form on screen 3. It appears to be working as intended, but let me know if you spot any errors.

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Thank you thank you thank you! What kind of activities can I share with you?

No sharing is necessary - helping is what this community is about!


@cwinske I really like your Graphing Linear Functions repeated practice! This is pretty much day 1 with CL for me, so I might just need to hunt a little further for my answer, BUT… I’m working with my Algebra 1 students on writing the equation of a line. I’m curious if you can point me in the right direction for an Acitvity that will let them enter the equation in a specific form and then generate the graph to check.

Desmos has lots of awesome pre-made activities that do things like this. Here’s a link to a bunch that are much more interactive than something I could make. Desmos Classroom Activities

You might be familiar with those already, so here’s my take at an example that generates random lines and you need to write the equation.


Thank you again. The Desmos activities are more for discovery than for review. I have something more like your generator in mind, so I will keep exploring and creating! I will share when I have something that is slightly better than a rough draft. :wink:

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