Correct Ordered Pair

I love Desmos and am new to CL, trying to navigate my way around.

I have a problem where the students are given two linear equation that are graphed. They need to tell the point of intersection (solution to systems of equations). I have the input set so that it appears on the graph when the enter it submit it, but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get it to read as a correct answer for the dashboard.

y = 1/2x + 4
y = 3/4 - 1

Solution is (4,2)
If the students type in (4,2), how do I get it to read this as the answer?

It seems that a common problem is setting the graph to readOnly, but you have to use parseOrderedPair and .x and .y to read the answer.


then use those to check. You could set variables like I just did or write one when-otherwise correctness check.

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