Correct table input with a twist


I know how to check correctness in a table if students type directly into a table. However, I want the content from several slides to be pulled into a table THEN check the correctness of the value in the table. Is that possible?
The goal is from the check or x to show when a value has been pulled into the table (nothing if they didn’t type anything on the slide).


I noticed that you are using the left column as a header. In that case, it is not counted as column 1. So your column values are all off by one, which is why nothing was working.

I would also suggest this as a simpler way to code the cell you want:

cellContent(1,2):when isBlank(input1.latex) "" when input1.numericValue = 21 "✅" otherwise  "✘" 

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Always something simple. Thank you so much for your help!!