Verify values in a table are correct

I made a table. Kids will input values. How do I give them feedback to check that their answers are correct? I am new to the computation layer and trying to teach myself how to use it. Any help you could give would be appreciated. Thanks.

Is there something that’s not working? Or are slides 3 and 4 not yours? If not yours, look at my next post.
The only feedback for those I can give is for table T1300A on Slide 4 you have:

...when a1 and not(isBlank(this.cellContent(1,3))) "👍"...

and not(isBlank(this.cellContent(1,3))) is redundant because a1 requires an entry in cell(1,3) to be true.

Generally for giving feedback in a table, I like to use cellSuffix for short numeric answers that can be represented as terminating decimals:
For student answers in column 2:

cellSuffix(1,2): when isBlank(this.cellContent(1,2)) or cellHasFocus(this.cellContent(1,2)) ""
when this.numericValue(1,2)=targetNumberHere "✅"
otherwise "❌"

Repeat for each cell changing the row number and target answer.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I want the cell input to be an expression like 222 or 5^2. I think I know what to do when it’s a number value. How do I identify the input when it is an expression and not a number?

You probably want countNumberUsage. Check out this post (you can still use numericValue instead of evaluateAt):