Correctness Check for Exponential Functions Challenge Creator

This is my first dive into a making a challenge creator. I’m a bit stuck on adding the correctness check for the exponential equation since students are creating the graph. Here’s my activity:

~Disclaimer - I have not played around much with Challenge Creator, but here’s what I came up with.~

This is an example of one way to prevent students from submitting until they have answered correctly (it also includes a note with simple “great”/“not quite” feedback for students). To make it, I pulled the values of x1, y1, x2, y2, and f forward from the graph g1 into the second graph. I compared several values of f with the corresponding values of the student’s function to see if they are the same function.

Question I’d like to know the answer to - How does the correct sink work inside a Challenge Creator? Does it do anything useful? As best I can tell, checkmarks on the teacher dashboard indicate that a challenge was submitted, regardless of if it was solved correctly. Please correct me if I’m wrong, though!

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There are sinks in the challenge creator screen component itself (the one between the create and solve screens) that can be used to prevent both creating the challenge and prevent submitting an answer to the challenge, unless certain conditions are met. So however you are defining completeness/correctness, that can be referred to in those sinks.

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Thank you for the help! I’m really looking forward into digging into the Challenge Creators further. Hopefully some webinars dedicated to this feature pop up soon.

That’s going to be my next step, adding the coding so that students can’t submit the challenge unless it’s correct. My brain just couldn’t move on until I figured out my other coding roadblock :smile:.

Okay, thanks for clarifying! Follow up - if one uses the correct sink inside a component on the challenge submission screen, does that have any impact (e.g. is it visible on the teacher dashboard)?

I’m not totally sure about that. You can see a check mark appear in the thumbnail square when someone has solved someone else’s challenge, and when I’ve made them in the past, I’ve used the correct sink like normal. So my thought is that if a check would be displayed in the dashboard based on use of the correct sink, then it would be also displayed on the submitted challenge thumbnail square. But I think you’ll need to ask Jay or someone else to weigh in on this to be sure.