Create a frequency table from student inputs

I’d like to create an activity where a frequency table is created from student inputs. My idea is for students to count the number of triangles, enter in their answer, and have the next page show a frequency table of (number of triangles, number of students). Any help is appreciated.

Thanks - Joe

Having a hidden graph to do calculations will be helpful. In the graph CL, create a number list, L, to aggregate student answers. This function will determine the total of number of guess, x:
M(x)=total( {L=x:1,0} )

Unfortunately, you can’t pass a list from 1 to 18 through, you have to type each separately to make a list for the frequency table (i.e. `[M(1), M(2), M(3), M(4), etc.). Then there’s the issue that there is no current way (unless it was recently added) to insert values into a table in bulk, so you’d probably want to pare down the list to those that are nonzero. I think possible, but tricky. Otherwise, you’ll have to have 1-18, and their corresponding values (using the CL).