Create polygon from student entered coordinates

This is my still-in-progress activity for properties of rigid transformations: 10.04 Congruence - Sequence of Transformations • Activity Builder by Desmos

I am specifically looking at slide 19. Is it possible to take the points that are graphed from student input in table0 and table1 and have them connect into a polygon in the graph?

I only recently learned how to graph student input as coordinates (thanks to this forum!), so if I’m not doing it correctly, I’m open to any and all feedback!

Quite easily actually. You’ve already imported the column values to lists p and q, so in the graph:


You’ll want to make some dummy lists in the graph for p and q, if you want to be able to select color, fill, etc. for the polygon.

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Thank you!!! I suppose I could have guessed that. HOW COOL!!