Graph coordinates from a table

Hello there!
I am new to CL in Desmos. On slide 4 of the activity below, I want students to enter the coordinates for quadrilateral C’A’R’D’ and have the quadrilateral appear on the graph. I have tried many of the example CL’s given in the Computation Layer Discussion and have also tried some from a few activities I found in this forum. This might be a bit over my head right now but I would really like to figure this out.

Any help or ideas are appreciated. Thank you!

The numberlists in your graph CL should be good enough. Use the polygon function in the graph. It’ll save you a lot of the other coding as well.

polygon() will take a list of points, or separate lists for coordinates, and connect them in order to make a polygon. By default it’s filled with a solid border, but you can change those options using the colored triangle to the left. You can also perform operations on your lists, so target answers for a translation could be something like this in your graph:


where X_a is the new x-coordinates translated 5 right, and Y_a down 2.

Thanks for the polygon suggestion. I am going to try that out.

I thought the number lists would be good enough, too. But I can’t seem to get the CL to read the lists. I assumed the 2 and the 3 at the end of the CL referred to the columns in table2. Or maybe I have “x” and “y” labelled incorrectly after the number list.

numberList(“x”): table2.columnNumericValues(2)
numberList(“y”): table2.columnNumericValues(3)

Didn’t notice that. You don’t want to use x and y because those are the standard variables for the graph making a conflict. Try using capitals or different letters entirely.

I had to give up for today but am committed to figuring this out for the future!

Is there some way to assign the name to the number list?

Here you named them “x” and “y”. Just change the x and y. Then use the new names in your graph.