Disable calculator on a single slide

Is there a way to disable the use of the calculator on a single slide? I tried entering disableCalculatorReason: “Complete this screen without a calculator.” on the computation layer for the specific slide but the calculator keeps showing.

Specifically, I want to have students complete questions that do not allow for the use of a calculator on their state test while other slides do allow for the use and I would want the calculator. Can I mix it up like that or does the entire activity have to be all calculator allowed or not?

Thank you for any guidance!

Hey Corey, can you share a link to the activity you’re working on? disableCalculatorReason should do what you want, so I’m wondering if something else might be going on.

Hi! Here is a link: Warm Up Week 2 (Days 4-8): Math 6 • Activity Builder by Desmos

Slides 6-9 are the ones I want to disable the calculator on.

Do you have the calculator tool enabled? Or do you mean the automatic evaluation in the response box? They aren’t the same thing. The calculator tool is something students can click on which opens on the side of the screen. The automatic evaluation (the helpful =27 part below) is a separate thing and is, well, automatic unless you disable it.

If you want to turn off the automatic evaluation in the math response box, you need to put
disableEvaluation: true
into its CL layer.

Usually the calculator tool appears in the middle of the heading; you have to enable it from the Edit Acttivity screen (and it’s a beta feature, so I think? you have to turn it on somewhere else).

As you can see from the first image, your disableCalculatorReason code works on that slide; the tool is greyed out and you get your warning message when you hover over it.

I suggest adding a subtitle (on the screen CL) with the same message if you don’t want to turn on the calculator tool.

[Edited for clarity and to expand, because I can’t leave well enough alone.]