Disable Sliders


I am trying to make a Desmos activity for my students in which I want them to graph functions and use certain formulas using a graphing calculator screen. However, I want to disable sliders on these screens. Is there a code that would allow me to disable sliders?

Example is shown below. I do not want the sldiers to be available options.

Not entirely sure what you mean. x_1 and y_1 are not defined variables, so it’s prompting you to define them by adding a slider. You can ignore it and just click into the next line, but you’ll have an error on line 1.

If you want to define some variables that you don’t want students to change, you can create a folder and check “Hide from students”. Or, click the gear, and there will be a lock icon that will prevent editing, but still keep it visible to students. For equations, the toggle to view is not disabled, but you can’t edit opacities or line widths, so I suggest setting opacity to 0 if you don’t want the graph viewable.

If you want a variable explicitly defined, but not a slider, you can enter it as a fraction. x_1=1 will have a slider. x_1= 1/1 will not. If a student can see it though, they can still edit it. This can be helpful for draggable points where you don’t want a particular variable to change.

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