Disable or Hide Button

I am trying to hide or disable an action button until multiple table entries are correct. I have the table set up to show correctness. I’ve tried a couple different disabled whens and hidden whens but still haven’t found the CL for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

could you share your activity?

So essentially you want to hide the button unless the whole table is correct:

hidden: not(table1.script.isCorrect)

Just a side note, if you’re using “when”, it needs to be in the format:
when (this condition) (result)
when (next condition) (result)…
otherwise (result)

Those results can be true or false, but I think what you were going for was something more like:

hidden: table1.cellNumericValue(1,3)<896 
or table1.cellNumericValue(1,3)>896 
or table1.cellNumericValue(2,3)<237 
or table1.cellNumericValue(2,3)<237

which would also work.

This worked perfectly! Thank you!