Button Disable on multiple criterion

  1. How do I link the activity I am building here for better review? Does posting the URL work? Ill try it below and you can tell me if you can see it.

  2. I have this about where I want it. The final bit is the button on the graph. I want it disabled when the answer is incorrect or they answered sufficiently. I have that count sent to 3 As it is currently, If one of the three values in the table is incorrect, it disables. But, if that value is right and the other two are wrong, it is still active. Do I need to place an or statement, like the one already used, for each of the other two numbers? Or, is there an easier way and I am making this too complex?

The URL for the activity is: Desmos Classroom Activities

The code in question is on button7 on slide 4.

disabled: button71.lastValue(“x”)>graph7.number(E) or button71.lastValue(“x”)<graph7.number(E) or
when p=3 “Great Job”
otherwise “Get new values”

  1. Use the “Share Activity” link in the three dots menu, but looks like you got it.

  2. You’re correct. It will only be disabled if any of the conditions are true. So if you want it disabled when the others are wrong, you need that code as well.

Also, FYI, you could also use not(button71.lastValue("x")=graph7.number(`E`)) instead of the > and <.

This is very helpful. Thank you for the reply. :slight_smile: