Disabling key repeat on delete across table cells

Several students have run into this problem: When erasing the contents of a table cell, they press the delete key too long, and the previous several input cells are wiped out. Can I prevent delete in an empty cell from jumping backward to the previous cell?


There is cellEditable that you can set conditionally. You can’t use anything that continuously checks the cell (circular dependency), but I’ve used a button capture successfully before when giving students feedback. However, it won’t lock until the button is pressed and the answer is correct.
Example, in the table CL:

check1= this.cellNumericValue(1,2)=12
cellEditable(1,2): button1.lastValue(`answer1`)=0

in the button CL:

capture(`answer1`): when table1.script.check1 1 otherwise 0

something like this will not work:

cellEditable(3,2): isBlank(this.cellContent(3,2))
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That’s very frustrating! We’ve ticketed the bug and should hopefully get a fix up soon.

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Great! I’ve seen that happen to my students a few times as well. They get pretty frustrated (understandably so).