Delete content of a cell

Dear colleagues,

I am trying to do a template that will allow me to create a lot of easy self check arithmetic activities.

I just have basic addition one. But there something I don’t like. The student will have to remove the previous right answer before moving to the next question. I find it tiring.

Is there anyway to remove the content of the cell when I press the button so I can reduce the number of clicks the student has to do?

Or even better, is there a way to launch an event from the code (for example when the answer is right) so I can just put the next question and remove the previous result ?

Thank you!

Roger Borrell

Unfortunately, if you attempt to conditionally set the contents, then you need to set the contents outside of that condition, meaning it’s not going to be editable. Maybe a resetOnChange as there is for a sketch would be nice for pretty much any component.

Could you put the randomly generated problem in a note and use math input to type the answer? You can reset the those inputs. You could also use the suffix to show correctness. Being able to reset a table is another option I think would be nice. Paging @Jay :grinning:

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Thank you both for your help you really nail it!

I send the improvements: