Editing an Activity from Degrees to Radian


A year ago, I reached out to Desmos HelpDesk to edit the Laser Challenge Activity which is created by Desmos. Your team has been so helpful in assisting me to make a shorter version of the activity to accept input in radian angle measure. The short version of the activity contains 5 questions only. I’m wondering if your team can assist me in duplicating this process for the original activity (which has 10 questions, 5 of which has already been edited by your team).

My problem is that I have no experience working with CL. Every time I try to follow the instructions, I end up somehow getting the laser and the mirror to disappear. The only way Desmos member was able to assist me was by being added to the activity as a collaborator and doing the edits for me. Would that be possible for the longer version of this activity? I would truly appreciate any assistance as this activity aims to promote better understanding of angle measure in the context of light reflection.

Here’s the link to the activity I am trying to edit so the input could be in radian: Desmos Classroom Activities

Here’s the activity a Desmos member helped me with editing:

Hanan Alyami