Emoji's sometimes don't display

On some platforms including my iPhone 13, some emojis show up as boxes. In this example, the boxes are for the rabbit that shows up in some places in the same context! Any clues? Thanks!

Are those cells formatted as text? (As opposed to math?)

No, they were not (but were intended to be text). Fixed.

On other screens, colored dot emojis sometimes have not appeared for students, but work on my laptop and phone, but I was probably too tricky by defining them as variables. See screens 2 & 5. When students had trouble, some dots appeared and some did not, even in the same paragraph!


They seem to show up correctly for me so it’s hard to diagnose, but is there any times you’ve used backticks rather than "s to define the variable with the emoji in? That would create a similar problem to your original table because ` forces/suggests a Latex rendering and " forces/suggests normal text.

Beyond that, it may just be quirks of emoji rendering. Whenever I use emojis like :+1:, they look different on my desktop PC than they do on my laptop in the SAME activity even though, as far as I can tell, the same fonts etc. are installed on both. Then some emojis seem to show up as ‘regular’ characters and… it’s a bit of a minefield I think :rofl:

Thanks again. I’ve ripped out the variables version, which used strictly “” and not ``, but this is likely to be more robust. Thanks for teaching me about ‘’ vs `.