Graph image in front of points

Hi all! I’m having issues with layering images and a dot plot on my graph. I want the images to always show up IN FRONT of the dot plot, but they sometimes show up behind the dot plot.

I have 16 emoji images that are all set to show up at the point (P1, 1). The variable V1 determines which of the 16 images shows up (each image only shows up when V1 equals the corresponding value).

For the first two images, it works perfectly! If a student chooses the dog or cat emoji, it shows up correctly in front of the dot plot. But if the student chooses any other emoji, the image shows up behind the dot plot.

Here’s an image of the graph. Dog_1 and Cat_2 show up correctly, but Panda_3 doesn’t.

Here are the relevant slides:

I’d appreciate any help you can offer!

This has been answered on your post on Facebook, but worth also putting the solution here in case anyone else stumbles across this: you need to untick “Place behind graphs” in the style menu (long-click on the icon):

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Yes, thank you! I totally missed that setting!

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