Enable Computational Layer CL

Okay, I am totally new to this and I can not figure out how to enable the Computational Layer so that I can copy and edit some of the activities in desmos. Every time I go to “Copy and edit” it gives me the message below so click on learn more and I just get a really long document. I feel stupid so I hope someone can help me. What am I missing?

To edit this activity, you need to enable Computation Layer. Learn More


Thank you so much for your response because it helped me to I figured out where I went wrong. I had previously gone into Desmos labs and clicked on CL. However, I had not done that while in the actual activity screen that I wanted to enable the CL. I am not ready to work in CL yet. I just wanted to delete slides and make a shorter activity so this worked perfectly.

Mrs. Leila Dibble

Mathematics Teacher

Gunderson High School