BRAND NEW USER - Inequalities

Hello All,

I am BRAND new to desmos and just really started playing around with the activity builder last night. I have been trying to google and youtube to learn what to do, but right now I am absolutely stuck.

I have a set of questions that ask students to solve an inequality and graph their answer on a number line. Mainly, I would like the typed inequality to check itself (put the check in top corner). For example, I want a student to be able to type x ≥ -6 and for the slide to show the checkmark. My assignment will require to use all four inequality signs.

I’m sorry if I sound completely ignorant. Our STAAR test is changing to new question types and I want a way for the students to be able to practice these types of questions. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Slide 2 has graphing/checking inequalities. Change your target inequality in the graph’s CL (Computation Layer). It currently graphs student input, but you could change the section with the note about removing to “target” instead of “ineq” and it will graph the target instead.

Thank you so much for this, it is exactly what I need. My next question is:

Can you create a self-checking number line where students can graph the inequality? Below is a link to a copy of a project that I am using as a template, but it autogenerates the inequality and I need to set a specific inequality to be graphed.

It’s a rather complicated slide to use as a template, as will happen when you want multiple randomly generated problems on the same slide.

For a single set problem, it’s definitely doable, but I’ll have to look into later.